Madison-Class of 2014

Madison is my 2nd rep for Broadway High School, Class of 2014…GO GOBBLERS! I’ve known Madison going on 7 years now, whew how time flies. Madison and her mother, Katie (one of my best friends), lived across the street from us when my family and I lived in Broadway, VA a few years ago. Over the course of the last 7 years, Madison has been like a friend, daughter, sister to me, I know weird combination. Her and I have shared many laughs together and a few lectures :-). No matter the situation though, we always end up having a good time. I’ve so enjoyed the last 7 years watching this beautiful little girl grow into an even more beautiful young lady.

Madison and I met on a gorgeous Saturday evening at her families land/cabin at the foot of the mountains in beautiful Fulks Run, VA. If you have never been to this area, I highly suggest going, it’s stunning. Madison only wanted 2 shots, one with her 4 wheeler and 1 with her car. After some confusion on whether the 4 wheeler should be clean or dirty, we made our way over to the field for our first set of shots. Eh hum, the 4 wheeler should be dirty, ALWAYS, it’s an unwritten rule, I’m pretty sure :-).

Then we headed to the barn. They have this awesome red barn on the property and the sun shines right through it.

From there we hopped on the 4 wheeler and headed to a nearby field with awesome light. Madison drove, which isn’t as scary as you would think. We attempted to get some shots by the blooming trees but the bee’s weren’t having it. Just another little adventure for us.

We then headed down to the river. I’m telling ya, this property is awesome. Give me a chair by the river and I’d never leave. I’m moving in Lowell ;-).

Back up to the cabin to meet mom (Katie) for some fun pics. If you know these girls you know how appropriate the plates on the their cars are. I love these 2 soooo much!

And of course we couldn’t forget about the cabin. It has all these cute little buildings and an awesome rock chimney outside. Perfect backdrops.

Big thank you to Lowell, Madison’s grandfather, for taking such good care of the property and for giving us free reign for the day.

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