Mackinac Island = Old married couple get-away…yay

A few weeks ago my husband and I spent almost the whole weekend in Mackinaw City/Mackinac Island. I say almost because we only made it one night, don’t judge. We didn’t take into account how far north we would be and in early June, it’s still quite cold up there. 40 degree nights were not quite what we were looking for since we were tenting it and the bugs, oh my the bugs. I thought my husband was going to go ninja on these bugs at any minute, free entertainment lol. But after some should we stay, should we go debate and yummy hobo dinners, we packed it up about 10 o’clock in the evening. I was determined to get some sunset shots. I love that golden hour and our view was AWESOME. Here are a few photos from the island and the surrounding areas. This was 3 steps from our camp site on our first night there. Stunning view and you’ll see how different the sun comes across the sky & water and creates this beautiful array of colors.

Lighthouse fanatic right here. What’s not to love.  

I found it very odd that there was a random painting on one of the bike/walking trails. It was a pleasant surprise. 

The island is full of color. 

Along with natural beauty. 

Hobo dinner stealer.

Our last sunset.

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