Dahm Family

I’ve known Amy for quite a few years now but had not had the pleasure of meeting Tony and Chaz until shooting day, boy was I missing out. The Dahm’s are such a warm, awesome family to be around. We met up at the Gene Stratton-Porter estate in Rome City, IN. One of my fellow homeschooling moms had told me about this place months ago. If you have never been there you must go, right away, seriously do it.

Chaz, has to be the most photogenic 5 year old I’ve ever worked with. He was a little pro and didn’t even need bribed, score. I don’t know why but Tony reminds me so much of a modern day cowboy. I think it may be the crooked smile. My grandmother had a crooked smile. There is something very heart warming about a crooked smile, it just draws you in ;-). What wonderful gentlemen Amy has in her life. And Amy, well just look at her, she radiates beauty.

After a few shots by the lake, cabins and stunning gardens, we hopped in the car and back to Millersburg we came. First, we had to stop to pick up Tony’s awesome toy, see monstrous truck below. Look at this thing, how could you not get excited, it screams fun. Once I calmed down from my, this is so cool I don’t even know what to do with myself right now attack, we headed over to Cook Station Park.

The country girl in me got really excited when we pulled the tailgate down to find an old rusty truck bed, this day just got better and better. A gorgeous family, a little boy full of fun and sweet smiles, stunning landscapes, big awesome toys and lots of laughs, I don’t think there is a better combination than that. I so enjoyed my time with this family. Amy, Tony and Chaz, thank you for being so much fun to work with. I look forward to spending more time with your wonderful little family in the future. Much love to you.



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