Hose Family

Nate is a co-worker of my husbands but funny enough, I first met Nate & Kate at the movies while on a date night with my husband. Kate was prego but still a few months away from meeting their newest little one. You can imagine my excitement when she contacted me about doing some newborn photos of their newest addition, Grady. Yay, baby!

I met the Hose family at DeFries Gardens in New Paris on a nice but humid day. Marshall, Grady’s big brother, was a little distracted by the fun green frogs in the nearby pond but what 5 year old wouldn’t be? Heck, it distracted this 30 something year old ;-). We started off with some family shots as we waited patiently for little Grady to drift off into a sweet slumber. He was quite an alert little bugger. After some snuggle time with mommy, he was finally sent into dreamland.

I spent the remainder of our time together watching this precious little boy at his most peaceful state, oh my is he cute. Nate did a little exploring with Marshall, as he patiently waited for this lady to get the camera out of his brother’s face. Of course, no one can leave the gardens without getting a picture with their birth brick. All 365 days (maybe 366, I’ll have to look next time) are beautifully laid out in a circle surrounding the different seasons of flowers planted. It’s almost surreal when your there.

Grady, what a blessing you are, welcome to the world. I hope you’re letting your parents get some rest and keeping your brother on his toes. I’ll meet up with the Hose family again in just a few weeks. I can’t wait to see how big Grady has gotten and find out how Marshall is liking school. To be continued….


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