Hunter – Class of 2014

I hadn’t seen Hunter since he was about 12 years old. It’s still hard to believe how fast time went by. It didn’t seem possible to me that he could really be heading into his senior year.

Although Hunter’s looks had changed a bit since I last saw him, his good ol’ boy demeanor hasn’t changed a bit. Not that I’m surprised, he comes from a good ol’ family. Hunter was less than thrilled about getting his pictures done but like most good ol’ boys, he’d do anything to make his momma happy. So, we tightened up our boot straps and a snapping we went.

We headed first to Slate Lick, yes, that’s really what it’s called. Hunter is definitely the outdoor type and Slate Lick offers camping, fishing and peaceful scenery. Then, we headed back to the Strawderman/Phillips homestead where there is a plethora of antiques in the form of tractors, guns and cars, JACKPOT. Did I mention the log cabin the “boys” (Hunter’s Dad and G’pa) are building there too? Oh and the beautiful mountain top view? It’s like a visual carnival, something spectacular and interesting around every corner. Gotta love Fulks Run.

I enjoyed my time with Hunter so much. Jason & Becky raised an awesome young man. I can’t wait to see what wonderful things he will offer this world.


No photographers were harmed in the making of these shots :-). The gun was not loaded, nor operational, whew.

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