He is, She is…

First off, let me say how blessed I am to know all of you, even those I don’t “really” know are a blessing to my life. I launched this campaign yesterday and the response has been incredible. I wanted to further explain the vision and the transformation it’s making from this response. I know that self-confidence or hatin’ on, as I like to call it, is an issue many suffer with, not just women. I just particularly have a heart for women/girls and my specific charity will be for a women’s/girls’ charity, as that is where my heart is pulling me. Because I know how wide spread of an issue this is among the entire human race I want to invite everyone to join. This campaign is really about defining who you are and reminding yourself everyday the good you have to offer this world inside & out. It’s about seeing the positive when the negative is staring you right in the face. We are usually our own worst enemies.

There are no limits to this campaign. I was simply asking that you allow me to provide the service if you’re local, in exchange for a donation for my particular charity. It’s simply a means to raise funds for what I see to be a wonderful cause. However, do not hesitate to take this idea and use it. Grab a pad of paper and a sharpie and snap a photo of yourself then post it in on your mirror (lamination is a good idea). I know tons of you all are selfie’ers (yes I make up words too 😉 ). Take pictures of your Sisters, Brothers, Husbands, Wives, Kids, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Friends…THERE ARE NO LIMITS. Just be apart of this movement and vow to be kinder to you and to others.

Everybody’s picture will look different; it’s just a visual means to relay a message. My husband and I chose to pick a character trait and a physical trait. My daughter and I chose to identify a passion in our lives and add princesses and the purple cloth as a reflection of our faith. I would have totally given my husband a crown too if I had another one, lol. Customize it to fit the positives or dreams you need to remind yourself of everyday. There’s only one rule, RULE #1 – KEEP IT POSITIVE. I just ask that if your brave enough that you’ll share, especially with me ;-).

I am…blessed beyond measure.



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