I am…campaign

I held my first “I am…campaign” event Saturday at Spitzer Art Center in Harrisonburg. I am so happy with the turn out and with the support from friends and family.

Don’t know what the “I am…campaign” is all about? Check out this post but basically it is a self-confidence campaign to bring awareness to how hard we are on ourselves and others. The idea is that I take a snap shot of you holding up a sign with something that you love about yourself and then you post it on your bathroom mirror. Far too often we look in the mirror and tear ourselves apart. My hope is that by seeing yourself staring back at you with something positive it will curb the negative reaction we have to ourselves.

I am so excited about where this is heading and I hope this will move people to be kinder to themselves and to others. Besides it’s what’s on the inside that people really care about anyways. I believe we should celebrate the good things about ourselves and focus on how we can better ourselves and the world around us using the good that God gave us.

I will hold another event in the spring for those who missed it. If you want to get your free snap shot just shoot me an email and we’ll get it set up. I am…grateful for everyone of you.

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