Author, Angela M. Carter – This weeks “Local Love”, Harrisonburg, VA

The wonderful thing about working in an artistic field is getting to meet so many gifted people. There are so many mediums and like a snowflake, none of them are exactly alike. Painting, writing, taking photographs, building sculptures, baking, dancing, all the wonderful arts out there, our work is like a glimpse into us. Sometimes a chance to say something without saying a word or some times enough words to write a novel or poetry book in Angela’s case. I think by nature artists/creative people are slightly outspoken. But not always in the way you expect someone to be.

My feature this week is a women with sad but beautiful words. Introducing (in my talk show host voice)…writer, Mrs. Angela M. Carter. I met Angela for the first time at the “I am…” event I held at Spitzer’s Art Center back in December. Angela is a fellow Spitzer’s Family Member and I was instantly drawn to the way she spoke. There is something soothing in her voice. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it’s there. Anyway, as I got to know Angela, I quickly found out just how amazingly talented she is.

Here’s a little bit Angela wrote about herself and her poetry book that is being published in just a few months, you go girl!

“I’m a country girl by roots. I grew up in Alberta,VA, where there was nothing more than an ABC store, Post Office and Laundry Matt. I used to joke around and say that drinking was all there was to do, and then you can write someone about all the crazy stuff you did and wash your clothes afterwards.

When I was 18 I received a scholarship to study British Literature at the University of Bath. I never let myself forget just how the stars aligned, and that it meant I met James, my husband of 12 years, on that very campus. Living abroad for many years helped me to understand one important fact of life: running away from problems just ensures that all those things you ran from will always be ahead of you. James and I traveled through the Shenandoah Valley while on a late honeymoon, and noted that it was a friendly place. We believed it was such a special place that we, which then included our 11-month-old daughter, eventually moved to Harrisonburg. We didn’t know a soul! It has proven to be a place of healing and restoration for me, and, more importantly, a home. We now are a family of 4, and have also adopted two wonderful dogs).

I have been a writer since a very young age, and am thankful that yet another dream is coming true. My first full-length poetry book, Memory Chose a Woman’s Body, is being published via Unbound Content in late May 2014. The publication was a difficult decision for me, as it is a testament that silence is not golden. I speak of many things that the world is still not ready to accept. These topics include abuse, alcoholism, mental illnesses and eating disorders. I have reached many personal goals and receive supportive messages from all over the US.

Recently, I performed, Science Class, a performance piece of what it is really like to be abused as a child. I know it made some feel uncomfortable, but I also know it will help many that haven’t gained their voices yet.  ”

Photo by Brandy Somers Photography

“I collaborated with local photographer, Brandy Somers, on creating an image of depth, through photography, for my book cover. The session ended with me feeling a type of closure. When you see a photo that speaks your words, it’s an amazing feeling–for any writer.” ~Angela.

I wish I could share the book cover photos with you but Angela and Brandy aren’t wearing down. No photos till the release. Argh, the suspense. Here are some I can share though of beautiful Angela by last weeks feature, the lovely, Brandy Somers Photography.

I am…inspired by Angela. She is a brave, gentle soul. I admire people who are willing to step outside the box and go for it. Here is a video I found on youtube that I personally loved of a reading Angela did at JMU. Warning, it’s a tear jerker.

Angela also coordinates the Rocktown Poetry Circle: and I love Angela’s new project she’s working on leading to her book release. I’m excited to sit down and write my letter. Here is what Angela has to say about it. “Poetry saved my life, and I’m giving back to it. I need your help. As part of a month-long exhibition that Brandy and I will be doing, in June, at Spitzer Art Center, I have begun the Letter to Self Project. Details are here: “~Angela

You can find out more about Angela at: and her Facebook page:

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