Charity Bingo – Plains District Community Center | Timberville, VA

TONIGHT ladies and gents. I know I’m behind. Life=semi-chatic but finally back to some normalcy now, whew. If you are debating on what to do tonight or even if you already have plans, come check out Bingo. Join the fight against this punk disease and help raise money for Relay for Life.

I have said many times in my life how fortunate I had been that cancer hasn’t reared it’s ugly head to any of my close family members. But the more I think about it, cancer affects everyone’s families. We are all each other’s families, so if it effects one in our community, it effects the whole community. Broadway has been the leading example in showing how strong and connected we are as a community, it makes me so proud to be a Gobbler ;-).

I am moved to act when I think about what cancer has already taken from so many. My husband’s grandfather is a walking miracle and 3 time cancer survivor. If you doubt God, meet this man. But life after cancer isn’t easy, by any means.

Fortunately, up until the last few years no one in my family outside of my husband’s grandfather had battled cancer. But I knew it would be just a matter of time before it would show up and it did. One of my aunts recently received treatment for breast cancer and I have an uncle who is now battling stage 4 Lung Cancer. He is currently in the hospital receiving treatments and could really use some prayers. It breaks my heart to even type those words but because of those people and the many friends and community members who have fought before them, I will always support causes like this. For those who have survived and those who have lost, this battle needs to end and we shouldn’t stop for a minute until it does. Please show your support where you can. This can be a thing of the past. God Bless.

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