NW Florida Mini Couple Session | Beautiful Willows | Winter 2013

I am blessed to be able to have traveled to a lot of the duty stations my brother has been assigned. Photography gives me the freedom to travel with my work and meet lots of new people. My brother, Jacob, was stationed and studied with Nathan. I got the opportunity to photograph and celebrate both my brother and Nathan while in Florida. It was a true honor.

Mandy, Nathan’s wife had contacted me several weeks before my arrival to see if I would capture some moments of them in the beautiful landscapes of Florida. These willows are everywhere and absolutely stunning. I met her and Nathan, very close to sunset. Being in an odd part of the country where it is dark, like PITCH DARK by 5 at that time of the year, it was strange. Anyway, we got straight to shooting and of course Nathan’s personality didn’t disappoint. Like most guys, he is there because his wife asked him to be. He’s just trying to have some fun along the way. God love em’. You know I had to capture that.

I enjoyed meeting these 2 lovebirds so much. Who knows, maybe our paths will cross again.

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