Ben & Brandy ~ Mini Couple Session | Broadway, VA

These 2 might be the 2 most talented people on the face of the earth. Brandy is not only a fellow photog and studio mate but she is also a high school art teacher (Go Gobblers), co-founder of Art Lotto, Wonder Kitten and constantly has her work and hands in community art events. Ben can beautifully execute about any medium he chooses. The man has some serious natural talent. Quite perfectly he has what I believe is his first photography show on July 4th at The Blue Nile called the F150 Project.  You can find more details here.

These 2 are just the best people all around. I feel so blessed to have friends that encourage me and support my art. And ya know they are there for me and all that blah blah blah. Not gonna let myself get sucked into that sappy trap.

Photogs, weirdly enough, rarely have pics with us and our kids. So, we gathered this wild, chilly bunch up for a little Girls Rule & Boys Drool fun. These kids <3.

This creepy lady randomly shows up in the bathroom, under covers on the couch, riding down the road, you just never know where she’ll end up. Brandy has some serious laughs at Ben and everyone’s expense with her Monica antics. No photo shoot is complete without her. See why I love these people.

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