Newborn Session | Harrisonburg Family Photographer | Spitzer Art Center

I didn’t want to write this session post because I very much dislike unhappy endings.  Unfortunately, life doesn’t always give us happy endings.  But I avoid them like the plague. I have completely stopped watching shows I’ve followed for years because they had no happy ending i.e.. when Denny died in Grey’s Anatomy…yep, I haven’t watched many episodes since.

I have been very fortunate to have few tragedies in my family.  Cancer had not slapped my family in the face until just a few months ago.  It came fast and furious, with no regard for the people that it hurt in its path as cancer does. But as our family always does, we pulled together and made the best we could of a bad situation.

I’m a firm believer blessings are hidden in every tragedy.

The man you see below with that adorable newborn is my uncle Robbie. He was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer this March and lost his battle to cancer on June 8, 2014. That beautiful newborn is Lathan, Robbie’s grandson, that he was fortunate to meet before going to be with the Lord. I believe this little bundle is going to bring more joy than we could ever have imagined.

My uncle Robbie was an avid Relay for Life supporter, as am I. Supporting your local Relay for Life team or becoming apart of a team is one of the many ways you can help families fighting cancer. To get involved go to:

Let’s put our gloves on and keep this disease from hurting anymore families.




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