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I skipped “Mommy Monday”, well because “Trendy Tuesday” sounded better.  I promise to give you more “Mommy Monday” goodness next week.

One of this season’s hot trends can be found in bold colors and basic geometric shapes.  The tribal fashion wave can be found today in almost every type of adornment, from t-shirts to jewelry, shoes to gowns. And it’s not going away anytime soon and personally that makes me happy.  I love the way the bright, bold colors light up peoples faces, although some times difficult to photograph.

The tribal trend influences the fashion industry with bold and sometimes even neon colors, paired with earth tones.  Geometric shapes, feathers and arrows are also take offs of the style.  You can find hints of these in almost anything from jewelry to prints to shoes.

To add them to your wardrobe, try finding pieces that aren’t as spendy, yet still attractive.   Your bigger dollars should go to more timeless and classic pieces, since the on trend items won’t last as long.  Don’t you wish you would have kept those 80’s fashions now ;-).

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Tribal trend

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