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Summer was definitely not long enough for me this year, not that it ever is.  I did things a little differently this year and was much more intentional with my family.  I fear some times we’re so eager to document, we miss the emotions of enjoying the moment.  Of course, I generally get that emotion looking at it later but there is definitely a balance to it.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave a lot to share here, so I guess I succeeded.  Fortunately though, I do always have my iPhone camera in tow, so maybe not as successful as I could have been without it.  I try.

Our summer is always kicked off by recital.  Izzy hip hopped her way to stardom as always.  The kid has serious skill. I know I’m biased, I’m ok with that ;-).  She is tackling hip hop, jazz, and ukulele this year but dropping a piano class and practicing at home.  I don’t know how some parents/kids do it.  Seriously, it’s insane sometimes with only 3 activities.

We enjoyed our summer days chalking and playing with our dogs Ryno (below) and Ladybug.

Of course no summer is complete without friends, geo caching, Honey’s, and some practical jokes.

iPhone summer photos:

4th of July in a small town can be a drag when there isn’t much going on.  We’re blessed to have friends that say, come to our house, bring a dish, some drinks if you prefer, and fireworks if you please.  We pleased, LOL.  We never splurge on fireworks but we did have some fun with them this year and we had a great show.

My fortunate child got to go on her first mission trip to Philadelphia. She had a wonderful time, thanks to all those who donated for her trip.  She also got to enjoy Pioneer Camp at Camp Shipshewana.  This was her second year at camp and she’ll go as long as they let her, she loves it that much.

More iphone photos:

Izzy enjoyed her first and maybe only, 1/2 birthday party.  She has always wanted an outside pool party, so we decided that we would celebrate her 1/2 birthday (January baby) instead.  It happened to be on fair opening weekend, which is a huge event around here.  It worked out that it was also the same day that Francesca Battistelli was playing at the fair grounds.  We of course took advantage and took the kids to her concert after a day at Ideal Beach.  I think it’s safe to say, fun was had by all.

As a part of Izabelle’s birthday surprise we took a trip to Chicago so she could pick out her very own Isabelle American Girl Doll.  It was a wonderful day with gorgeous weather.  My step-dad Roger even got to come along with us since he happened to be in town for the fair.  One of the perks to living so close to Chicago is day trips.  The Southshore makes it a piece of cake.

Iphone photos:

Fair week around here is full of events.  I’m partial to the cows, in case you didn’t know.  I love their sweet eyes.  We didn’t participate as much this year as we usually do because of schedules but we certainly took advantage of the fun and food when we could.

I think we can all agree it was a quick but great summer.  Now it’s back to the real world of Homeschool and work.  I hope everyone has a blessed year.

Summer iPhone selfies.

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