15 Goals for 2015

1.) Spiritual – Allow God to push me outside of my comfort zone.

2.) Family – More quality time together. Less electronics, more nature.

3.) Love – One 2 hour date night a week and 2 weekend getaways throughout the year. Thank you Jesus for a willing mother-in-law 😉

4.) Professional – Be Brave and Just Do It! I’m going with the Nike slogan for the upcoming year.

5.) Financial – To afford to travel.

6.) Fitness – Regular cardio routine 4 days a week.

7.) Travel – One new place a month.

8.) Mommy – To be more compassionate about changes and patience…I always need more patience.

9.) Wifey – Cook more often.

10.) Home – Organize (garage sale), Finish Living Room & Office.

11.) Habit – Break snooze habit.

12.) Foot Down – Schedule, I’m controlling it instead of it controlling me.

13.) Artsy Time – 1 Challenge a day.

14.) Brainy – Read at least one book a month.

15.) Crazy – Run some kind of race. It’s inspiring and I wanna try it. With recent injury…I guess we’ll see.

A little motivation for you. A big Thank You to Nicole for the wonderful gift. This brought tears to my eyes when I read it. Love it!!!


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