Simple Ways to Help Shake Those Winter Blues | Goshen Photographer

This time of the year always seems to leave me a little blue. In our area lack of sunlight can lead to some pretty serious side effects even to full on depression.  I’ve noticed when I’m not outside a lot my energy levels plummet like January temps.

So, I decided to some research and see what simple things I could do to curb these energy sucking days.

1.) The easiest and probably most effective is to get outside, yes even if it’s cold.  The more time you spend outside in the sun the less you will notice symptoms.  Even if it’s just a short one mile run it may be just what the doctor ordered.

2.) Keep a regular schedule.  That means getting up and going to bed at the same time every day. I recently read an article somewhere that said sleeping in on the weekends actually can have a negative affect on the body.  I Doesn’t mean I don’t still do it…I’m  rebel.

3.) Diet.  I think most of us have figured out by now that our diet can affect almost any area of our life and health.  Make sure you are eating an energy rich diet especially in those cold darker months.

4.) SAD light therapy.  These lights are used about 30 mins in the morning and are said to replace the lack of light in your environment and boost mood and energy. They run anywhere from $50 – $300 from what I’ve seen. I just ordered one so I will report back and let you know if this works.

5.)  Add supplements.  You can always add some supplements to your daily vitamins.

6.) Travel, this was my favorite option.  Travel some place warm, even if it’s just a few days.  A little time away from the cold dark days is good for the soul.  You have to come back though…I know, I know, I wouldn’t want to either.


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