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Over the Fourth of July, I was in Virginia visiting family, enjoying cookouts, and getting the opportunity to photograph a beautiful family. That family also happens to be my brother Scott’s clan. Scott, Seville, Ember, & Eagon were wonderful and such a good looking family.

There is nothing better than enjoying the beautiful summer days in the Shenandoah Valley, and this crew made it that much better. Eagon decided he wanted to be the typical boy and act like a stinker and try to avoid having his pictures taken. Ember, however, was the model citizen and we also used her as the bait to entice her younger brother to accept pictures. Just showing praise for one child behaving in a manner you like can get a whole host of other kids to start behaving in the same way! Is it underhanded? Yes it is. Will I do it again? You better believe it!

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