Fairfield High Ladies | BFF Session | Goshen Senior Photographer

I love shooting high school girls.  It’s probably on my list of favorite things to do but what I love even more is the opportunity to engage with and build friendships with these young ladies.  There is something about being young and full of energy, and having hope in the possibilities of the future.  I think as we get older we get slapped in the face with reality a few times and it kills a bit of our optimism.

I was so ecstatic to work with Anna and her friends.  I’ve known Anna since she was about 6 years old.  Her mom and dad have been friends of ours for a long time and thanks to our church and Fight Club we’ve grown closer over the years.  So, knowing what a great family Anna comes from I hit her up to grab a few friends for a BFF shoot.

Izzy and I packed up our 15 bags worth of gear, ok maybe not 15 but a lot, then headed to met Keirsten, Makayla and Anna at a friend’s country property.  The weather was perfect.  God has graced me with good weather this year.  Check out some of my favs from their session.

I had such a wonderful time with these ladies.  I hope to work with them all throughout their senior year.  Thank you Paula and Jeff for allowing us to take over your pasture for a little while.  Much love to all.

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