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Sooooo, it’s been a few weeks.  Anyone who knows me, knows how much I really don’t like to write.  I am definitely a typo queen and a grammar hillbilly, they love me anyways.  But I’m trying to weigh my despise for writing, against my love to share the wonderful families and seniors that I am blessed to work with to a larger audience. So, I thought I would get caught back up with my session blogging and start off with the fabulous Hose family.  Kate had back surgery this morning so I thought a reminder of how blessed she is might cheer her up.

I have taken family photos of the Hose family since I started my business.  They’re very loyal people and I love them.  It’s exciting to see families grow and grow up in front of my lens.  I applaud Kate for making sure her kids have photos of their whole family each year. She’s this photographer’s most valued customer.  She gets me ;-).

These kids, I just adore them.  How cute right? I know this gorgeous little lady is going to have the best big brothers Goshen has ever seen.  These boys love her, although from the above picture I’m not sure how she feels about them yet, lol.

Kate, I hope you have a speedy recovery and you will be in our prayers.  Nate, I hope the kids are well behaved for you. Ok I lied, I hope they give you at least a little trouble ;-).

I’ll be taking a week off at Christmas but I’m available for winter sessions.  If you’re looking for a winter wonderland session, let’s get it on the books.  Cross your fingers we see some winter this year, ha, never thought I’d say that.  Email me at: mistiyoderphotography@gmail.com or call: (574)238-0684 to secure your spot.



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