Prom Time-Goshen/Fairfield/ ECHS/My Girls Street Team

Ahhh…  these ladies make my job so easy. Aren’t they just gorgeous?   MY Girl Street Team(minus Makayah who had to work) stopped by for a super fun prom shoot before heading to the big event. Jess and Addie actually didn’t have prom that day but dressed up and came anyway because they love me 💜. We were suppose to do the shoot outdoors but the weather must not have gotten the text because it ended up being cold and rainy. So instead I quick transformed my garage and we headed indoors where it was warmer and dry! Anna and Keirsten brought umbrellas which made for some cool props.


MYP_0961From top to left Anna, Jessica, Keirsten, Chantell (in blue sitting) and Makayla.

MYP_0926EDIT Keirsten, Anna, Chantell and Makayla with their handsome dates for the Fairfield Prom.

When Addie arrived to the shoot everyone but Jess had already gone to prom. So we let loose and had some fun! Diggin’ those shoes Addie!  The  middle photo is Jessica and her friends before their Goshen Prom. Love it!   It was unseasonably cold that day but Jess braved it like a champ. It seems May decided to be a chilly month for all the proms this year.


Next up was Addie with her girls all glammed up for the Elkhart Christian Academy Prom. Special thanks to Addie’s friend for letting us use her backyard! It was a perfect location to shoot with the water in the background. Both the location and the ladies were stunning!

And the answer to the question that everyone is wondering is YES! Addie did wear those same converse  in the first picture to her prom!  Her friends did the same too. Smart girls!

I always have such a blast working with MY Girl Street Team and this time was no different. Their senior year is going to be epic and I can’t wait to capture it all with them!

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