Several weeks ago MY Girl Street Team and I were fortunate enough to have Griffith’s Wawasee Marina let us come by for a photo shoot. 
We came on a cold windy May evening just before sunset to grab shots around the marina.  Shawn and the guys from Griffith’s were awesome and let us take pics in some of the old classic boats like the red one with the american flag that Makayla is in here. 
All the girls came to my house before the shoot for hair and make-up(H&MU) and some shenanigans as usual.  Shoots like this take a small army to pull off and I could not have pulled this shoot off without my team.  Big thanks to Jess, Amanda and all my cosmetology girls who always step in to give a helping hand.  You all make my heart flutter.  
Griffith’s let us jump around to a variety of boats. Anna even borrowed her dad’s white navy hat for some of the shots which was pretty cool and a nice touch.
 The girls really had a blast during this shoot. The nice thing about having them all together is they are awesome at helping me get great smiles out of each other like the shot of Makayah in the bottom right.
 MYP_1132They are each others cheerleaders and that is exactly what the MY Girl Street Team is all about- community and supporting one another. Here is Addie workin’ it! I love her attitude and confidence in the top right shot.

If you want a behind the scenes of all our photo shoots then check out my Snapchat account at myoderphoto. The girls do my behind the scenes for me there!  They are always snapping away at each other during the shoots.


You would never know how cold it was outside by the smiles on Chantell(above) and Keirsten’s (below) face! You rock girls!


If you missed Keirsten’s Birthday blog catch it HERE! You can also see some additional shots of her from the nautical shoot.

A MILLION thanks again to  Griffith’s Wawasee Marina (260)856-2286 and Amanda Hite at Platinum Hair Design (574)971-8813 and our own Jessica Croy at Fairfield Cosmetology!  I highly recommend all of them!!

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