County Fair Digital Scavenger Hunt | 2016 Elkhart County Photographer

There is always plenty to do and see at the county fair. That also means it’s the perfect place to do a digital scavenger hunt with your friends and family!


County Fair Digital Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Rules: Break up into groups of 2 or more and take a picture using one phone/ipod of at least one team member doing as many of these challenges as you can. Make sure everyone agrees on a time and location to all meet back. Each picture is worth 1 point unless otherwise noted below. The team with the most points wins! Winners get an elephant ear?

1.Find the tallest ride besides the ferris wheel. 5 extra points if someone in your group rides it!

2. Snap a shot of 3 deep fried foods. Eat one and get 2 extra points.

3. Play a game. Win a prize and get 5 extra points

4. Find a clown and take a picture with him/her. 3 extra points if they give you a balloon.

5. Free pens-1 point for each different one you get.

6. Something on a stick(cannot be the same as the deep fried foods challenge).

7. An aquatic animal.

8. Find someone wearing a crown and take a selfie with her/him.

9.Farm machinery- 2 extra points if you act like a stalk of corn by it.

10. Find something inflatable and take a picture.

11. Something pink. 2 extra points if it has fur or feathers.

12.The number 5. 3 extra points if someone on your team(or a few members together) also shapes their body to make a number 5.

13.Someone in your group trying on a cowboy hat.

14. Find a palm tree and relax around it.

15. Selfie of your entire team in a port a potty. Wear a toilet seat sanitary cover as a necklace and score an extra point. 5 extra points if you walk around the entire fair with it on!

*20 bonus points for a live birth of an animal

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