6 Must Have Summer Accessories | Goshen Senior Photographer

With summer in full swing make sure you aren’t caught without these 6 must have summer accessories…


1. SUNHAT– Not only do they help protect against skin cancer and early signs of aging but they also look dang good on. It’s a win-win! Check out this chic one from the Wallaroo Hat Company. To fully guard against the UV rays look for a hat with at least a 2″ wide brim, a tight weave ( you shouldn’t see holes when you hold it up to the light), and a heavier material means less rays can penetrate through it.

2. SUNGLASSES-From catching a baseball game to a day at the beach, no one leaves home without their shades. With all the color choices and styles you can really make a fashion statement about who you are.  For sun protection purposes, choose larger sunglasses that wrap around the sides of your face as much as possible.  UV radiation can cause an eye condition known as  photokeratitis which is like a sunburn on the eye that causing them to  be red, feel gritty, sensitive to light and excessively tear up. These VonZipper Lomax Sunglasses not only look good but are also affordable and are 100% UV protectant.

3. COVER UP–  The choices are endless: tunics,bandeau,jumpsuits,rompers,high neck, crochet,etc. Check out some of the great options at Venus. A cover up over your suit does double duty- it lets you escape from the scorching rays of the sun and also allows you to stop into a local shop or store before heading home from the pool/beach. Your best bet for sun protection is a style that covers up your shoulders, arms and chest which tend to get burnt the fastest.

4. BEACH BAG-Where else would you put your sunscreen, keys, phone, drinks, food, towel, etc? The best kind of beach bag is water resistant and won’t take the beach home with you. This Sherwood Straw Beach Tote from Nordstroms is a fun favorite.

5. HEADPHONES/EARBUDS-There’s nothing like lounging by the water listening to your tunes…  Or you could even be IN the water jammin’ away with these waterproof earbuds. Looking for something a little more fashion forward to make a statement about who you are? Showing off your elegant side with these pearl necklace earbuds. Feeling fun and quirky?  Go for these sunny side up ones! These headphones from Urban Outfitters look purrfect too.

6. SUNSCREEN– With there being more new skin cancer cases each year than  prostate, breast, lung and colon cancer combined, putting on your sunscreen is a no-brainer. Be sure to have at least an 30 SPF and reapply every 1-2 hours. Sunscreen doesn’t have to be boring though! Lotions like this Hawaiian Tropical gives your skin a glowing shimmer. You can even get a faux tan while protecting your skin with this Australian Gold Sheer Coverage with Self Tanner.


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