Addie | Elkhart Christian Academy Senior | MY Girl Street Team

Addie Findley-MY Girl Street Team member, ECA Senior, cosmetology student. Plays volleyball,basketball, softball and is a member of National Honor Society, Skills USA and student government.

You know, just a few things 😉

Anyone who is around Addie for even a short amount of time can see that she’s also funny, kind hearted, intelligent, a ball of fire (in a good way), motivated and genuine. I absolutely love this girl.

We actually only got one outfit in at our first location because it started to downpour. The first outfit was important though. Addie wanted to honor her grandpa’s hard work by wearing a sweatshirt from his business. How sweet is that?

We headed to the next location in Benton in hopes of finding drier weather but the rain would not cut us a break. After 20 minutes of waiting for it to let up, we checked the radar and I saw that the storm looked like it had moved away from Oxbow Park. We high tailed it over there and sure enough it was wet but it wasn’t pouring on us! Score!

We had a blast from there on out playing in the different scenery options. Sometimes the fun comes from being flexible and just going with it.  The paint was Addie’s idea and they are my fave images.

Girl knows how to work her creative side!

And shout out to Jess (other street team lovely lady) who assisted me on this shoot, as well as hair & make-up and did a fabulous job, as with everything she does.

The weather tried to rain on our parade for this shoot but in the end we just made our own parade. Minus the candy. Candy would have been nice…

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