Keirsten | FHS Class of 2017 | MY Girl Street Team


What better place to start a session than your back yard.  Keirsten’s yard was in full fall bloom.  I am a big lover of weeping willows and swing sets and she just happens to have one steps from her front door, how convenient.

Her dads old “work” truck added a special touch that looks cool and has family nostalgia.  I think ol’ Bill would be proud to have this beautiful face on the family business.

I don’t post a lot of B&W, although I love B&W photos. Visually, I just like all color for blogs but this image just had to be shared.  I mean….

We headed to Goshen to hit some short trails and old brick buildings.  I soaked up the amazing light that only fall colors and golden sun can create.  As with most sessions there are bound to be some hiccups.  When you forget your pants, that can pose a problem.  But have no fear, Dad to the rescue…dads are great for that.  Keirsten and I high tailed it to meet her dad to retrieve her pants 🙂  Just saying that makes me laugh.

Also a special thanks to Kerri Trapp for her awesome hair and make-up skills!

Here’s to a fabulous Senior year for you at Fairfield, Keirsten!

And don’t forget to apply for your spot on MY Girl Street Team 2018 by clicking HERE!

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