SAT Test Day Prep | High School Students

Like it or not, the SAT is upon us.

The last thing any sane person would want to do is wake up possibly even earlier than you would for school to take a 4-5 hour test, but it’s a requirement for most colleges if you plan to take that path after high school.

It has been awhile since I have had to endure this myself, but these basic tips and advice for taking any test will always prepare you to do your best.

  1. Sleep really is KEY
  • This doesn’t just work for test taking, but school in general. The better night’s sleep you get, the more alert and ready you will be to conquer whatever it is you’re doing.



  1. Eat a good breakfast— No, a Venti Starbucks doesn’t cut it
  • Making sure to not skip breakfast has it’s benefits. It doesn’t only give you energy for the day, but it improves concentration and problem-solving skills—two things you need for the test.



  1. Peppermints.
  • There has been study upon study to prove the correlation between increased brain cognitivity and either the smell or intake of peppermint, so definitely make the candies a staple for your next exam day.

  1. Take advantage of apps
  • There are multiple College Board approved apps offered for smartphones that are studying outlets so that you don’t have to be surprised when it comes to test day. Very helpful.


There is no one perfect way to prepare for your test, because everyone takes tests differently and there are going to be things that you don’t know. Just remember, guessing is better than not answering AT ALL. The College Board test makers are not trying to trick you either—so don’t waste time second guessing yourself.

Good luck!!!

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