Cabin Fever Movies | Winter Break 2017-18

It is that time of year when Christmas has gone and passed, you’re on winter break, and you have no clue what day it is anymore (Quite weird, but also stress-free at the same time).

There are bound to be days where staying in bed and watching movies is the only thing on your agenda, so here are a few picks of mine that you will love as well.

  • The Breakfast Club

A cult classic, The Breakfast Club is a movie that brings a member of each high school “social status” to Saturday school. While being supervised by their scornful assistant principal, all kinds of shenanigans go down and they ultimately make friends with one another—at least until Monday rolls around again.

  • Clueless

Straight from the 90s, Clueless is a comedy about a Beverly Hills teen named Cher and her close (and equally as rich) friends. Despite the satirical theme of the movie, Cher deals with the same dilemmas and feelings as every American teen does from crushes, to flaky friends, to failing her first driving test.

  • Wonder Woman 

Before becoming probably the coolest super hero ever, she was Princess of the Amazons, Diana. When she meets an American pilot, she is told of a war that seems to be taking over the whole world outside of her jungle. She takes it upon herself to use her serious knowledge of warrior-ness to fight alongside men to stop the war, proving once again a woman can do anything.

  • Easy A

Starring Grace Yoder Emma Stone, Easy A is the perfect representation of how a high school rumor can ruin anyone’s reputation, and FAST. Olive Pendergast instead chooses to own the rumor, which leads to her finding out who her real friends are and realizing that what people think of you shouldn’t control your happiness. A truly relatable gem.

  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

After faking a sickness to his parents, Ferris decides to use one last senior day to make the most of his dwindling time left as a kid. He gets his friends in on it too, his friend Cameron already staying home for being truly sick, but calling in as his girlfriend’s father to get Sloane out of class. They take a day trip to Chicago, before literally racing back home before his parents return from work (there are so many more great details of this movie, you’ll just have to watch it for yourself to find them out ;)).

  • The Great Gatsby

Set in the high life of the 1920s, this movie is completely gorgeous. An aspiring writer moves next door to a millionaire named Jay Gatsby. Nick, the writer, has a cousin named Daisy who happens to live just across the bay with her husband. Following the lavish lives of the wealthy, Nick learns that it isn’t always glamorous, and not everyone always gets what they want.


Now that you have a complete list of must-watch movies, head on over to my blog and check out the latest post!

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