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You’re standing in your closet. The undesirable but familiar feeling of helplessness rushes over you as you stare blankly into the abyss of clothing that lines this space. After fingering through probably every piece you possess including those jeans you meant to get rid of months ago (hey, the coffee stain isn’t that noticeable), you give up. “I have nothing to wear.”

Sound familiar?

Yeah, here’s where I come in.

So there’s a few reasons right off the bat why you “don’t have anything to wear”:

  1. You haven’t purged your closet in like, two years
  2. You should change your buying habits (we’ll get to those later)
  3. Or you’re thinking about it way too hard

So if you’re truly in a style rut, which can happen to the best of us, here’s how to start planning and executing the perfect wardrobe.


This is probably the first thing you want to start with, because it is one of the easier determining factors of what to buy. It also depends on the season too, because pasty winter skin doesn’t look as great in pale colors as summer skin does 🙂 If it makes you appear washed-out or like something’s not right, don’t try to force it.


Even if you are someone who can find a way to make any color look great, there’s always one color that can dominate a closet. The thing is, your favorite color can’t always be your best color 🙁 While this may be heartbreaking, you’ll be fulfilled again once you find the color that makes you look absolutely amazing. Whether it be because it brings out your eyes or it makes you feel like you have conquered the world, BUY MORE OF IT. THIS IS YOUR COLOR.


These are truly helpful because once you compile a visual list of what you like, you can narrow it down to a certain style. Keep in mind this style doesn’t have to have a pre-existing name, it can literally just have certain “vibes” to it, and that’s what kind of clothes you buy from now on.


One of the hardest parts of shopping is finding something totally amazing, but it goes with nothing in your closet already. You have two choices: either find other things to complete that whole outfit, or don’t get it at all. Once you start buying things that can be paired with multiple pieces you already own, it’ll become second nature and shopping will not be dreaded anymore!

I hope I helped recharge your fashion batteries, good luck!!

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