We specialize in a unique, crazy fun, model like experience for teens and families. We connect with clients to authentically capture them living their lovely. 


We live in a world of conformity.  Those who lurk outside the box are portrayed as rebels. I say be a rebel.  

Stand bold and fierce in the face of injustice.  

Inspire young women to be each other's biggest cheerleader.  The world is full of critics, boast don’t roast. 

Your servant hat should always be bigger than your ego. 

The answer is always compassion and gratitude. 

Unapologetic faith, always seeking the good and a friendly smile never go out of style. 

"Live your lovely".  Explore God’s creations with an open mind, heart and soul.

Meet Our Team

Misti Yoder Owner "I believe every woman holds within them a grand purpose, wrapped in exquisite beauty that shows best when she is strutting her individuality."
Grace Yoder Assistant/Stylist "Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside." ~ Coco Chanel
Cristina Torres H&MU Artist "STOP wishing for it, START working for it."
Raves & Reviews
Kate Concord High School "The combination of fun photo shoots with interesting, worthwhile projects is a really great investment of time and effort, and it comes with many rewards."
Josie Fairfield High School "I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to take my pictures. Misti is the sweetest most fun role model out there."
Brooklyn Fairfield High School "I'm so happy to have gotten a chance to be a part of the the MY Girl Street Team and get to know a great group of girls. Misti makes it a personable experience and she is great at what she does."
Nikala Northwood High School "Being a part of the Street Team has shown me what I can get my hands on, learning new ways, new people, and new areas of life. It has helped me discover myself and where I want to be."
Alyssa Fairfield High School "I have learned so much being with Misti and the other girls. They have helped teach me to be confident and that I am beautiful."