This is me and my family courtesy of Nicole Mehl Photography back in 2011. Yes, I know I need an updated pic. I’ve already contacted Nicole about it this spring. Practice what ya preach, right?

8 Interesting Facts About Me

1.) I’ve lived in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and now Indiana.

2.) I have a slight accessory addiction that comes in the form of scarves most of the time.  I have more scarves, purses and possibly shoes than I’ll ever need.

3.) I failed grenade training when I was in basic training for the Army (many years ago). I throw like a toddler.  But I destroyed everyone in my company at taking apart and putting back together our M16’s as fast as we could.  Use your teeth, that’s the key.

4.) I love hip hop. Music or dancing, I love it all.  My friends often say I get ghetto in my cardigan.

5.) I was on the Speed Team in middle school.  This was a speed roller skating team. I still love to skate.

6.) I can move my eyes in about any direction individually.

7.) I was Dolly Parton for halloween when I was about 7 and I got super upset because my balloons kept getting in the way.

8.) My unusual talent is knowing at least the make, sometimes even model of a car based off its headlights during the day and night.


I currently reside in Northern Indiana although frequent trips to Rockingham County, VA where I am from are always on the agenda.  I am married to a man that makes me feel like I’m the luckiest lady alive at least once everyday.  Carl and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in August.  We went to dinner sometime around that day, ha!  We’ve learned to enjoy the simple pleasures over the years.  A proper celebration will take place likely on year 11 ;-).

I am the mother of a creative, kind, talented, God loving little girl named Izabelle.

My photography specialization is in Seniors, Families and Glam.  I feel blessed to call this my job everyday. I’ve always treasured photos and have boxes upon boxes of them in my basement from over the years.  I should totally start participating in Throw Back Thursday or Tuesday, whatever it is.  I may have less friends if I start doing that though.  I am also a member of Central Shenandoah Arts.

I worked in retail and human resources/payroll before starting my photography business.  Both have contributed to my business and I am thankful for the experience I gained from them.

What I Believe:

You should exists in photos, no matter how bad YOU THINK you look.  My mom has never liked photos of herself.  She will pick herself apart in any photo no matter how beautiful others think she looks.  As a daughter, I am just happy to have them.  I have always thought she looked stunning, no matter how the wind was blowing her hair.  To not appear in photos with your children is like stealing precious memories from them.  I can’t remember what my mom looked like when I was 4 but I have precious photos to remind me.  They are more valuable than anything else I own.  Your kids don’t care if your roots need dyed, or if you’d like to be a few sizes smaller.  They don’t care if you’ve aged over the years, every line is a reminder of the laughter you’ve shared over the years. EXIST IN PHOTOS.

Loves/Loves Nots

Coffee / Being out of coffee

Yoga Pants & Hoodies / Booty Shorts-Don’t do it ladies, just don’t

HGTV / Anything scary

Puppies / Grasshoppers, those things stalk me

Chivalry, the President of the company I used to work for who was way at the other end of the hall from my office would always offer to help me take out the trash if he saw me walking down the hall.  I walked by about 8 other offices before his and he was usually the only one to offer. He gained a ton of respect from me from that one little random act.  Boys with no manners, they aren’t allowed the title Men

Sunny Spring days / Rainy cold days

Hire me as your Photographer and Get

-Paparazzi pampering with pro make up & hair

-Experienced boutique photographer committed to being the best customer service in town

-A crazy little monkey (in the form of my assistant, Izabelle) in the background for those genuine smiles

-Styling Guide and consultation for the utmost in personal attention

-Pez, enough said

If you would like to know more about me you can email me at: MistiYoderPhotography@gmail.com or give me a call: (574) 238-0684.  I look forward to meeting you and capturing your giggles. Have a blessed day.